Are you In Search of Lost Answers?

There are certain questions that get at the heart of why we exist, what it means to be human. A few years ago, I read How Proust Can Change Your Life, written by the great Alain de Botton, and it, well, did that.

Marcel Proust was many things — a novelist, critic, and essayist — but he’s perhaps most remembered for The Proust Questionnaire. Basically, it was a parlor game popularized (though not created) by Proust, who believed that in answering certain questions, an individual reveals his or her true nature.

I thought it would be fun to do a slight business-oriented version of this and ask compelling people some of Proust’s original questions (in italics), mixed in with some work-related ones, and have them reply.

The title is a play on Proust’s most famous novel, In Search of Lost Time.

You can see all the past nissues right here.

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I ask Proust-like questions about business and life to compelling people, and they answer.



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